Teri Hatcher Height, Weight, Bio, Age, Body Measurement, Net Worth and Facts

Teri Hatcher Height Age Measurements Net Worth

Who is Teri Hatcher?

Teri Hatcher has a glorious body and an inspiring net worth. Being the star of the red carpet means people will be interested in the actor’s body measurements. Luckily we have summarized all body measurements below!

Her most famous role is Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives series (starring together with Dana Delany, Eva Longoria and Nicollette Sheridan). Her ancestry includes Welsh, Syrian, German and Irish roots. In 1988, young Teri appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Lt. Robinson.

Teri married Marcus Leithold on June 4, 1988, and they divorced a year later. She went on to wed actor Jon Tenney on May 27, 1994, and they welcomed daughter Emerson on November 10, 1997. Hatcher and Tenney split up in 2003, and they agreed to joint custody of Emerson. While filming “Desperate Housewives,” Teri broke two ribs during a pole-dancing scene, and in a separate incident, suffered a scratched cornea after a lightbulb exploded near her. Hatcher has supported several charities, including the Make a Wish Foundation, and her support of the Aviva Family and Children’s Services center earned her a “Spirit of Compassion” Award in 1996 and an Aviva “Impact” Award in 2010. She also received a “Noble Award” at the 2009 Noble Humanitarian Awards.

Teri Hatcher Net Worth
Teri Hatcher appears to be alluring 24/7! No wonder that so many people are interested in knowing her body measurements!

Personal Details

Place of Birth

Palo Alto, CA

Date of Birth08/12/1964


Sun Sign






Teri Hatcher Height, Weight and Body Details




168 cm


120 pounds


54.5 kg

Body Measurements (Inches)


Body Measurements (cm)



34 inches or 86 cm


24 inches or 61 cm


34 inches or 86 cm

Cup Size


Bra Size


Dress SizeN/A
Shoe Size

7 (US)

Net Worth

Teri Hatcher has an estimated net worth of 50000000 US dollars.

Quotes by Teri Hatcher

"My father would not pay for me to study anything but engineering or math in college."

Teri Hatcher Height Age Measurements Net WorthTeri Hatcher

"I have always really liked creating family entertainment, and Disney does that really well."

Teri Hatcher Height Age Measurements Net WorthTeri Hatcher

"My daughter has probably gotten some benefit of being inspired by a woman who is willing to take on things. We travel. We travel to exotic places. I'm the first person to jump in the ocean with a whale. Even if I'm scared, I'll do it anyway, because I never wanted her to see fear, especially when she was younger."

Teri Hatcher Height Age Measurements Net WorthTeri Hatcher

"I went to a restaurant and sat at the bar and ate by myself. I have my iPad, which is my favorite instrument of all time. I talked to a few people next to me. I'm just trying to be out. It's a little bit scary."

Teri Hatcher Height Age Measurements Net WorthTeri Hatcher

"Beauty is a combination of qualities. I don't think one can deny that certain people or things feel aesthetically pleasing. But without an equally pleasing being behind that form, there is no beauty there."

Teri Hatcher Height Age Measurements Net WorthTeri Hatcher


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