Sherilyn Fenn Height, Weight, Bio, Age, Body Measurement, Net Worth and Facts

Sherilyn Fenn Height Age Measurements Net Worth

Who is Sherilyn Fenn?

There’s something extraordinary about Sherilyn Fenn and her body. All of the actor’s known body measurements and net worth are revealed below!

Sherilyn was born February 1, 1965 in Detroit, Michigan. Her ancestry includes Irish, French, Hungarian, and Italian genes. She was raised as Roman Catholic and her family relocated to LA, California when she was 17 years old. She started studying at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and pursued a career as an actress. Some of her memorable roles are Audrey from Twin Peaks and Helena from Boxing Helena. Fenn used to be married to Johhny Depp for couple of years. The got divorced in 1988. She currently lives with her second husband Dylan Stewart.

She married Toulouse Holliday in 1994, and the couple had welcomed a son Myles the previous year.

She starred in the film Of Mice and Men, which was based on the novel by John Steinbeck.

Sherilyn Fenn Net Worth
The famous actor is posing and looking her best. Indeed she has the body of a god!

Personal Details

Place of Birth

Detroit, MI

Date of Birth01/02/1965


Sun Sign






Sherilyn Fenn Height, Weight and Body Details




163 cm


123 pounds


56 kg

Body Measurements (Inches)


Body Measurements (cm)



36 inches or 91 cm


25 inches or 64 cm


36 inches or 91 cm

Cup Size


Bra Size


Dress Size

6 (US)

Shoe Size

7 (US)

Net Worth

Sherilyn Fenn has an estimated net worth of 500000 US dollars.

Quotes by Sherilyn Fenn

"I loved working on Of Mice and Men. It was a wonderful group of people. John Malkovich is to me one of the best actors around right now-and a lot of fun to work with."

Sherilyn Fenn Height Age Measurements Net WorthSherilyn Fenn

"I've always been aware of the emphasis on beauty in Hollywood, and I think that as one does get older, it can be scary."

Sherilyn Fenn Height Age Measurements Net WorthSherilyn Fenn

"Now I know why guys like to hug girls. You guys just want to cop a feel. I can't believe that I've fallen for it all these years!"

Sherilyn Fenn Height Age Measurements Net WorthSherilyn Fenn

"I love to dance. But I don't like being up in front of tons of people. I didn't have the desire to be performing in front of a lot of people. So it wasn't something I ever seriously considered."

Sherilyn Fenn Height Age Measurements Net WorthSherilyn Fenn

"Being a mother for me was like, 'Oh, this is what I've been looking for my whole life.' This brings me a sense of completion. I never knew I would love this deeply. It's so nice not to worry about myself anymore. I only worry about my children."

Sherilyn Fenn Height Age Measurements Net WorthSherilyn Fenn