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Lisa Edelstein Height Age Measurements Net Worth

Who is Lisa Edelstein?

Lisa Edelstein has a ravishingly shaped body and a noteworthy net worth. Below are all her body measurements, including height, weight, shoe size, dress size, bra size, and more!

Lisa was born May 21, 1966 in Boston, Massachusetts to Jewish parents. Her professional acting career started in early nineties. She appeared on many TV shows, such as Almost Perfect, Relativity, and The West Wing. However, for her biggest role she had to yet wait. Edelstein started to playd Lisa Cuddy in 2004 on House series. Overall popularity of the show and hers character as well was skyrocketing. Although the series ended in 2011 it is still by far her most notable role. She also appeared as Rachel Mccord in 2013 in three episodes of Castle.

Her parents are Alvin and Bonnie Edelstein, and she has two older siblings. She married Robert Russell in 2014.

She starred alongside Hugh Laurie on House.

Lisa Edelstein Net Worth
Lisa Edelstein is proudly showing off her enchanting body. It is not hard to imagine why so many people are interested in the actor's body measurements.

Personal Details

Place of Birth

Boston, MA

Date of Birth21/05/1966


Sun Sign






Lisa Edelstein Height, Weight and Body Details




168 cm


132 pounds


60 kg

Body Measurements (Inches)


Body Measurements (cm)



36 inches or 91 cm


24 inches or 61 cm


35 inches or 89 cm

Cup Size


Bra Size


Dress Size

8 (US)

Shoe Size

7 (US)

Net Worth

Lisa Edelstein has an estimated net worth of 10000000 US dollars.

Quotes by Lisa Edelstein

"Well, I don't think just because people are in a relationship that they're happy. I don't think relationships necessarily make people happy. You just are happy or you're not happy."

Lisa Edelstein Height Age Measurements Net WorthLisa Edelstein

"I always think, medically... you really have to be your advocate. You have to be able to back up everything that you're feeling with some information and protect yourself through the world of hospitals and doctors' offices, so the more information the better."

Lisa Edelstein Height Age Measurements Net WorthLisa Edelstein

"I don't think that anyone can prepare for raising a child. I think it's one of those jobs that is far more overwhelming than you could ever expect and far more satisfying than you can ever expect."

Lisa Edelstein Height Age Measurements Net WorthLisa Edelstein

"I think it's really important for celebrities to use their power of money and fame to get their voices out there. It's funny to me that we're expected to keep quiet just because of who we are. Why do I lose my right to speak my mind because I'm famous?"

Lisa Edelstein Height Age Measurements Net WorthLisa Edelstein

"There are some great shows that come and go really fast, either because the network doesn't give them a chance or they just don't grab on to the psyche of the country quickly enough."

Lisa Edelstein Height Age Measurements Net WorthLisa Edelstein