Hilary Swank Height, Weight, Bio, Age, Body Measurement, Net Worth and Facts

Hilary Swank Height Age Measurements Net Worth

Who is Hilary Swank?

Hilary Swank has an impressive body and an inspiring net worth. Being the star of the red carpet means people will be interested in the actor’s body measurements. Luckily we have summarized all body measurements below!

Hilary was born July 30, 1974 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her first movie appearance was minor role on 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Young Swank did well and other roles followed. Her notable movies include Insomnia, New Year’s Eve, and Million Dollar Baby, where she was starring as professional boxer. We are sure her athletic hot body worked in her favor during casting for the Maggie Fitzgerald character. She also appeared on countless magazine covers, with one particular causing most publicity. Style magazine photo shoot presented Hilary in bunny costume with her breasts in black corset and thighs covered only by stockings.

She married Chad Lowe in 1997, and the couple divorced in 2007. She became engaged to Ruben Torres in March of 2016 but the couple split only a few months later.

She starred in the crime/thriller Insomnia with Al Pacino.

Hilary Swank Net Worth
Hilary Swank is proudly showing off her radiant body. It is not hard to imagine why so many people are interested in the actor's body measurements.

Personal Details

Place of Birth

Lincoln, NE

Date of Birth30/07/1974


Sun Sign






Hilary Swank Height, Weight and Body Details




168 cm


121 pounds


55 kg

Body Measurements (Inches)


Body Measurements (cm)



34 inches or 86 cm


24 inches or 61 cm


35 inches or 89 cm

Cup Size


Bra Size


Dress Size

2 (US)

Shoe Size

9 (US)

Net Worth

Hilary Swank has an estimated net worth of 60000000 US dollars.

Quotes by Hilary Swank

"Few people know this about me, but I love baking pies."

Hilary Swank Height Age Measurements Net WorthHilary Swank

"My relaxation has always been my animals - going to the dog park with them, going to the beach."

Hilary Swank Height Age Measurements Net WorthHilary Swank

"I think about how I'm spending my money, and I like to spend on my family."

Hilary Swank Height Age Measurements Net WorthHilary Swank

"I don't think people should have boundaries put on them, by themselves or society or another gender, because it's our birthright to experience life in whatever way we feel best suits us."

Hilary Swank Height Age Measurements Net WorthHilary Swank

"My job is about playing people. And I think once you lose touch with people, what do you play?"

Hilary Swank Height Age Measurements Net WorthHilary Swank