Noureen DeWulf Height, Weight, Bio, Age, Body Measurement, Net Worth and Facts

Noureen DeWulf Height Age Measurements Net Worth

Who is Noureen DeWulf?

There’s something enchanting about Noureen DeWulf and her body. All of the actor’s known body measurements and net worth are revealed below!

Noureen was born February 28, 1984 in New York City. However, she grew up in Stone Mountain, GA. Her TV career started in 2005. Her notable movies include Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, The Babymakers, and Coffee, Kill Boss. You can see her in 2014 in a TV series Anger Management as one of the main characters, Lacey. She’s known for wearing outfits with deep cleavages very often. DeWulf is married to Ryan Miller since 2011. You might know Noureen also from web series Burning Love as Titi.

She married hockey player Ryan Miller September 3, 2011.

She played Melanie in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past alongside Jennifer Garner.

Noureen DeWulf Net Worth
Noureen DeWulf is enjoying herself, while displaying her ravishing body.

Personal Details

Place of Birth

New York City, NY

Date of Birth28/02/1984


Sun Sign






Noureen DeWulf Height, Weight and Body Details




160 cm


115 pounds


52 kg

Body Measurements (Inches)


Body Measurements (cm)



35 inches or 89 cm


25 inches or 64 cm


35 inches or 89 cm

Cup Size


Bra Size


Dress Size

6 (US)

Shoe Size

7 (US)

Net Worth

Noureen DeWulf has an estimated net worth of 3000000 US dollars.

Quotes by Noureen DeWulf

"Yoga is the most boring exercise. It's for people who are too lazy to get on the elliptical. Bikram, where they heat up the room to mimic India's climate, is especially stupid. People in India are not skinny because they're doing yoga in 105-degree rooms; they're skinny because there's no food."

Noureen DeWulf Height Age Measurements Net WorthNoureen DeWulf

"I think it's great when dramatic actors do lighter, funny roles."

Noureen DeWulf Height Age Measurements Net WorthNoureen DeWulf

"I put a lot of pressure to keep working. And when I'm not working, my agent books three auditions a day. I'd rather go to the set and work."

Noureen DeWulf Height Age Measurements Net WorthNoureen DeWulf

"I'm used to always being different, in any context. People always want to know how I grew up, so I just say I grew up Muslim. That's the truth. Two Muslim girls can write me two extremely different letters - and they do. Some are very supportive, and some question what I do."

Noureen DeWulf Height Age Measurements Net WorthNoureen DeWulf

"Ironically, it was because I was raised as a Muslim in the South, that I realised the value in being true to who you really are. I've just got so many things going on inside. I don't know how to resolve all of them other than being true to who I am."

Noureen DeWulf Height Age Measurements Net WorthNoureen DeWulf


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