Elisabeth Shue Height, Weight, Bio, Age, Body Measurement, Net Worth and Facts

Elisabeth Shue Height Age Measurements Net Worth

Who is Elisabeth Shue?

What’s the height, weight and net worth of this phenomenal actor? Elisabeth Shue has an exquisite body, to be sure. Below is a list of all her known body measurements and more!

Elisabeth was born 6th June 1963 in Wilmington, Delaware. You could see her in The Karate Kid, Back to the Future 2 and 3, Gracie, Chasing Mavericks, Hollow Man and other movies. She also appeared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV series. Elisabeth is married to director Davis Guggenheim and has three children with him, one son and two daughters.

In 1994, Shue married film director Davis Guggenheim, who would go on to make popular documentaries including “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Waiting for ‘Superman’.” They have three children: Agnes Charles, Stella Street, and Miles William. Early on, the couple moved into a two-story Spanish-style home located off the Sunset Strip. Built in 1926, the nearly 2,000-square-foot house featured three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, as well as a detached office, tile courtyard, and a pool.

Elisabeth Shue Net Worth
Looking good: The star has never failed to impress. She looks amazing while showing off her stellar body.

Personal Details

Place of Birth

Wilmington, DE

Date of Birth06/10/1963


Sun Sign






Elisabeth Shue Height, Weight and Body Details




157 cm


117 pounds


53 kg

Body Measurements (Inches)


Body Measurements (cm)



35 inches or 90 cm


25 inches or 64 cm


33 inches or 84 cm

Cup Size


Bra Size


Dress Size

2 (US)

Shoe Size

7 (US)

Net Worth

Elisabeth Shue has an estimated net worth of 20000000 US dollars.

Quotes by Elisabeth Shue

"For many years, I decided not to do television because I have three children, but now my youngest is finally old enough to be in kindergarten. So I'm not feeling that kind of tug of not being with her as much."

Elisabeth Shue Height Age Measurements Net WorthElisabeth Shue

"Like, that was weird in 'Hamlet 2,' because I played myself there, fully myself, but then I realized, 'Oh, I'm not playing myself. I'm some weird version of myself.' So as an actress, you're always playing something, I don't even know who I am, how could I become me? I don't know what that is."

Elisabeth Shue Height Age Measurements Net WorthElisabeth Shue

"I may look like the girl next door, but you wouldn't want to live next door to me."

Elisabeth Shue Height Age Measurements Net WorthElisabeth Shue

"I spent my whole life trying to play the games males play."

Elisabeth Shue Height Age Measurements Net WorthElisabeth Shue

"The movie I'm really excited about that I had really fun doing is 'Feed the Dog.' It's with Nat Wolff and Selena Gomez. It's really fun. It's raunchy, like 'Superbad' meets 'Risky Business,' kind of. I got to be a really fun character, an out-there Mrs. Robinson-type character. I get to seduce Nat."

Elisabeth Shue Height Age Measurements Net WorthElisabeth Shue


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